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Stop Sign Made Of Light Shimmers In Mid-Air

Excellent new application – with plenty of other solutions that spring to mind (signs that are ‘doors’ that open on approach, for example) – to extend the role signage plays in the space between information and environmental graphics. All kicked off by a humanitarian demand:

“We had a fire in the tunnel, motorists ignored the warning lights and signs and continued driving towards the fire. These drivers exposed themselves to smoke and toxic fumes from the fire and then to compound the situation they turned around (in a one way tunnel) and drove back out of the tunnel against incoming traffic… This fire was the catalyst for… the solution.

Tunnel Holdings’ general manager, Bob Allen

Stop Sign Made Of Light Shimmers In Mid-Air – PSFK.

Google Glass For Visually Impaired Reads Street Signs Out Loud – PSFK


The future for signage (part 2), Israeli startup company OrCam has built a camera-based system that helps the visually-impaired ‘read’ signs and numbers.

Finally, an alternative to high-contrast signs that shout and another example of the emerging relationship between signage and technology.


Google Glass For Visually Impaired