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The dialogue starts here.

The Hillpress

Once you start thinking about how to make things less, well, dumb, the possibilities open up all over. Here’s when the dialogue between our streetscape and its furniture (including signage) begins to become a reality.

Sure, the system here is based on the mobiles’ owner sparking the conversation via an sms, but think about that as just the beginning. And while this is ostensibly an ‘arts’ project, this new form of literal – as well as legible – situation can only help spur us on to.

Here’s the full article in Creative Review: Bristol, the city that talks back.

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How to avoid losing in Las Vegas?

The Hillpress

More on the future of mobile wayfinding.

Ok, so I can’t really stop you losing your shirt at the roulette tables, but in future, finding your way around indoors – by relying on more than signage – is beginning to be cracked with developments in mobile mapping.

Lighthouse Signal Systems announced that it has mapped the WiFi signals covering the nearly 2 million square meters of casino and hotel space in the gambling mecca. The result is WiFi fingerprints that enable a mobile device to determine its location to within 5 to 7 meters”.

Navigating Las Vegas – IEEE Spectrum.

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Mapping new territories – Indoor wayfinding comes of age

The Hillpress

Indoor navigation technology is going to be quite a bit different from its outdoor counterpart – you can’t us GPS without a direct satellite line. So developers are turning to other tools to bridge the gap, some external – like WiFi spots – but increasing incorporating “information from sensors within the phone, like gyroscopes that determine direction, accelerometers that count steps, and even atmospheric pressure sensors to provide an estimate of altitude”.

The days of having to generate standalone apps for mobile signage may soon be superceeded by the simple power of the combined investment muscle of tech companies (mobile manu’s and the data-miners). With the added ease of uploading siteplans to Google as well, maybe the times overdue for internal wayfinding components to get smart and start talking to our mobiles.

Navigating the Great Indoors – IEEE Spectrum.

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